Further chronicles of our shoe box adventures, where two families from different countries swap through the post, a box of things representing their home country;

I laughed with a sense of helpless bewilderment, wondering what Anitz was thinking, sending me cigars? But they’re not! Not even nearly. These little packets have blocks inside, and seriously, you could never smoke something that smelled so strongly of aniseed. LOL!

The instructions, thankfully translated for an English only girl, say to put 1-4 blocks into warm milk. All of my senses recoiled at the idea of such a strong aniseed flavour going into milk. That’s just wrong, I thought.

But curiosity overcame judgment, and being a literal kind of person, I opted to try 2, taking that as an average, blocks in warm milk. This is very good stuff. Not at all what I would normally expect from a hot, milk drink, but truly worth the leap of faith it took to try it! It was really a surprisingly pleasant taste.

Anitz, you good chooser of strange and exotic treats!