A viking lens gives an imaging quality comparable to 1950’s aspheric lenses, a two thousand year old battery used for electroplating, and an analog computer made around 150 BC….

Out Of Place Artifacts are remarkable discoveries that don’t fit with the current ideas of science and history, which leave us pause to wonder if we are quite as clever as we think we are? They show complex thought and design, precision engineering, and advanced skills, all in time periods during which we have assumed people lived simply, with basic tools and instruments.

What if we, as a species, are not escalating in our intelligence, our technologies, our advancements for the bettering of mankind and the environment?

It’s quite a blow to the pride to think that these things were all discovered a long time ago, that the knowledge was somehow lost, and we have had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak!

Listening to some detractors, it would seem they would allow for any wild theory – aliens even, rather than admit that early man was not as deficient in the grey matter as popular science would dictate. One would think it would be a pleasing prospect to discover our forefathers were people to be esteemed for their ingenuity. How is that worse than being descendant from an ape?

Of course it could be upsetting on the grounds that it gives credence to the Biblical account of creation, and an intelligent first man, a possibility that causes every person to view science through the filter of their own religion. If these artifacts support the Biblical account of history, and point toward error in the theory of evolution, we will be left facing a Holy, Righteous, Omniscient, Omnipotent God.

There’s a thought to make any man tremble in his boots…..