Stanley was in difficult straits. Finding himself a P.O.W during the Burmese/British war was just the start of his adventures. He was also hunted by Burmese officials across the countryside, falls in with a band of renegades, rejoins the British, leads a daring rescue, was besieged in ancient temple ruins, and ultimately returns to England.

These endeavours require all his ingenuity, a measure of luck, and a few feats of courageous daring. In typical Henty style, the protagonist is of sterling character, selfless, honest, reluctant to accept acclaim for service rendered to others, and all with a decided air of manliness.

While we all enjoyed this book, (from 6 year old up!) it was very difficult to read aloud. It was something of a torturous business to pronounce some of the names of people and places, and there was a substantial recounting of battle strategies and implementation.

On the Irrawaddy is a worthwhile addition to our Henty library, but I would hesitate to recommend it as an introduction to his work, or to give it to a less than confident reader. Overall, a good book, combining history, adventure, a fine example of positive character traits and an interesting writing style.