Have you ever made your own sauerkraut? After browsing the Western Price traditional foods articles, I was convinced. Armed with cabbage, apple, salt and a few glass bowls, I was set to conquer the microbial world.

What eventuated was not health inducing, traditionally prepared, super food, but an explosion of glass and cabbage across the length and breadth of my kitchen. No, it’s not that the cabbage fermented so wildly: it didn’t get that far. I was in the “pound the cabbage” stage, and (I can only blame being pregnant at the time..) I thought filling a large glass decanter with water would be a good, heavy thing to pound my cabbage with. Of course, it may have been: if I had not been using a glass bowl to contain the cabbage, with a solid granite bench underneath. (DUH!) Hence, the shower of glass and cabbage !

In an act both generous and compassionate, Dandelionmom has sent an appendix to her box, and today I have in my possession…a genuine can of… Frank’s Quality Kraut! My joy is complete!! I will try kraut and sausages, kraut and corned beef…. dare I say it? Kraut and apple sauce! I will be in kraut heaven! Thank you, you good woman!