Children’s map of U.S.A

It’s hardly haute culture, but if you have a bundle of children and want to provide material for family dinner conversation which goes beyond “What’s on telly tonight?”, consider displaying items of interest under clear plastic on your table top. It works a treat!

After our recent shoe box swap, I have been looking for ways to exhibit some of our new toys and treasures! Replacing the photographic display of Australian native birds, we now have a children’s map of the United States of America, complete with pictures of major landmarks and points of interest. Surrounding the map are a collection of picture postcards which also came in our box.

This has been great for geography discussions, and as the pictures are styled for children, it has not been through any effort on my part that the interest has been sparked.

The same idea can be used to display family photos, art prints, pictures from old calendars, world maps, or anything else that takes your fancy. For now, we are enjoying displaying our box treasures!