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What is the most completely fun game you have ever played, with someone you haven’t met? I can say unequivocally, that it is swapping shoe boxes!

After several chats about differences of the cultural kind with Dandelionmom, of The Flip side of DandelionEnd we decided to exchange things that were exclusive to, originating from, or representative of, our country of residence. What an adventure!

We learned a lot about our own country, Australia. Who knew that Darrell Lea produced 40,000 km of licorice annually? Or that only Australian children make themselves sick on Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs? Or that we don’t have a brand of chewing gum that is “just Australian”?

Receiving our box yesterday was an adventure in discovery! We were introduced for the first time to Stash premium licorice spice herbal tea. We oooohed and aaaaahed over some adorable, hand crafted leather moccasins for baby, poured over a seed catalogue with every page containing fresh delights, laughed at how different the grocery brochure looked, and saw our first ever carton of Quaker Quick Grits! (we’re still working on how to serve those!)

As a family project, this has been a very educational experience. It took loads of discussion, research, and exercise of team work skills, to decide on what went into our sending box! Exploring the things the DandelionEnder’s chose to send to us was indescribably fun, something I am sure my family will never forget.

Obviously, the enjoyment factor maybe influenced by our stumbling across a family who put a lot of time and effort into choosing things for the box. If you find a family with similar interests to you, and decide on a box size limit, (honestly, your sending pile can sneak up to shipping container size if you’re not careful!) I can’t recommend this activity highly enough. For us, this game was certainly a memory maker. Thank you Dandelionmom!

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