that Mt Sinai referred to in the Bible, is not really on the Sinai Peninsula? Or that the Hittites were a civilization as powerful, and as feared, as the ancient Egyptians? How about that the documentation of the chronology of kings of all major people groups date back to the sons of Noah?

If you have ever wondered at which points mainstream history intersects with the biblical account, Diana Waring has done the work for you. Covering what was happening in the rest of the world, when the Bible is giving account of the children of Israel, she gives a chronological overview in her “What in the World’s Going on Here?” series.

Part one, a four CD set, covers Creation to Christ, part two is the Resurrection to Revolution, part three is Napoleon to Korea. For each stage of history, there are also available a three disc set of extra stories, expanding on topics covered within the period. Fascinating!

You’ll find Diana has done her homework, and her presentation is such that my children listen to her narrations for fun. These are wonderful for car travel, and I am keeping it a secret that history is actually a school subject!