The tears referred to being mine of course! My babies have consistently disliked being disrobed, and dunked in a bath full of water. That could be in part because I found them slippery little things to hold, they were already screaming from having their clothes removed, and the whole process was just too much for us both.

But those days are over! All the books will of course tell you to get everything ready to hand that you are likely to need. That should go without saying.

Actually doing that? When you are sleep deprived?

What I have found to be a safe, happy and fool proof alternative, is..

  • buy a spray hose attachment, the cheap rubber/plastic kind you can pick up for a couple of dollars, and attach it to the bath spout
  • grab a towel, keep your baby wash on the side of the bath
  • run the water to baby temperature without the bath plug!
  • Lay a cloth nappy (or a hand towel will do) in the bottom of the bath
  • place your little one on the nappy/towel and shower them while they are lying down

Too easy!!

Forgot the towel? Just turn the water off and go get one. You can also have two hands to lift and wash by putting the spray hose at the other end of the bath for a minute. When you are finished and have turned the water off, you can also use both hands to wrap your little bundle in the towel.

O.k. I know it’s not rocket science, but for someone who struggled as much as I did to bath tiny, wriggly, wet, slippery, screaming babies, it is a joy to see a smiling faced infant lying on the bottom of the bath perfectly happy. Especially when I forget the towel…