It is a rare work of authorship to behead one of the main characters and still hold the reader suspense bound to the end of the story. Written by Edith C. Kenyon, this is a captivating account of the rise and fall of Lady Jane Grey, as seen through the eyes of her gentlewoman. It is full of historical fact, interspersed with the personal adventures of the narrator.

Although there was a little wincing from the younger audience, the faith of Lady Jane is presented in a most inspiring manner, and the overall feeling of the book is encouraging rather than gory.

To find something the man of the house will enjoy right along with the five year old is a challenge, but reading this book aloud to the whole family met with unanimous approval.

To crown the experience, Royal Paper Dolls has a new Lady Jane Grey doll, complete with a Guildford Dudley to match. What more can you ask from a family read aloud than that it is educational, faith inspiring, riveting, universally appealing and comes with matching paper dolls?