Here’s something to make every serious protestant groan anew with despair at the fool hardiness of the idea of joining our faith with the Catholics. Our forefathers fought and died to be free from from such teachings and control of the Catholic church.

WWLS – What Would Luther Say? Indulgences are BACK!

From Libby Purves, writing on The Times’ Faith Central:

The medieval concept had fallen into some disuse (not before time, say many modern Catholics) but the last two Popes have been keen on them. Catholic teaching tries to make them seem more sophisticated than the old idea of get-out-of-Hell-free cards, but a sense remains that Martin Luther – whose outrage at abuses over ‘indulgences’ triggered the Protestant reformation – had got a point. And why should an ability to afford the fare to Lourdes make anyone more worthy than someone who stays home doing good works?

Is this something you want to be a part of? Are we “all one faith”? How can it be that contemporary Christians have forgotten the struggle?