You know what? That is such a ridiculous question.

Asking “What would Jesus do?” leads the individual to speculate, based on whatever level of knowledge of the character of God they have attained to this point in their spiritual walk, rather than obey the principles that are clearly outlined by God. Considering this age of “it’s all about me” (and I do mean the presentation of the salvation message, church life, etc) many today have an idea of God that they have largely made up to suit themselves, or that the church has presented in a “lovely-dovey, wishy washy, no offence” light.

A better question to ask would be,

“What do the Scriptures have to say about this?”

Christ himself used the scriptures as His constant reference point in all situations – no matter how tricky. As He is our example, should we not do what He did (use scripture as our guide) rather than “imagine” what we think He might have done in the same circumstance?