I’m sure there must be a reasonable explanation. It is not so unusual that a complete stranger approaches my children in the supermarket and asks why they are not in school. Rude maybe, but not all that strange. What staggers me, is that after learning that we homeschool, she can then go on to express her pity for them for all the fun they are missing out on, by not going to a regular institution.

I’m not sure if the fun she was referring to may be homework, bullying, facing a jury of your peers at the appearance of your first pimple, using public toilets every day, eating soggy sandwiches for lunch, or maybe just that you get to go on holidays at the time of year when you have to cue for everything? But that’s a mystery to delve another time.

Can you imagine the offense it would be for me to walk up to a child I don’t know, comment on her wearing a school uniform, commiserate with her that she has to go to school, and tell her all the fun she is missing by not being homeschooled?

Perhaps people just don’t realize that homeschool parents have opinions about the merits of sending children to school. We are too polite however, to inflict them on the children we meet in supermarkets!!