Having a list of snack ideas helps resist the temptation of sugar laden or processed foods. Not that sugar laden delicacies have no place in the life of person dedicated to experiencing fine food, but I would prefer to eat them after a conscious decision, rather than as a reaction to hunger.

Here are some snack options…

  • Fresh fruit – with or without the addition of cubes of your favourite cheese.
  • Dried fruit and nuts. In particular, I enjoy raw almonds with crystallised ginger; it still has sugar, but it’s better than a handful of choc-chip biscuits.
  • Popcorn, easy to make in minutes, with no nasty additives.
  • Cottage cheese with fruit; apple and raisins, chopped pitted prunes, diced apricots (fresh or dried), experiment to find your best combination.
  • Muffins – not the sweet, white flour variety. Bake a double batch of meaningful muffins, and keep a supply in the freezer for the times when healthful motivation eludes you.
  • Soups – if you can face tinned soup in any situation other than a global emergency, then more glory to you. Otherwise, cook up a large batch of your favourite variety and store in single serves in the freezer.
  • Hard boiled eggs are great to keep in the fridge. You can snack on them, turn them into an egg and lettuce sandwich at lunch, or add them to a salad.
  • If you have left over rice, save it in the freezer in individual serves. It can then be eaten cold with milk, honey and cinnamon, or warm with beef stock and any veges on hand.
  • Crusty bread rolls, warmed and dipped in extra virgin olive oil (with or without crushed garlic added)
  • Whole field mushrooms, add parsley or garlic to the cup, top with parmesan, splash with olive oil, and grill until cheese makes a crust.

Your very best tactic when trying to snack with longevity in mind, is to plan ahead. Before you shop for the week, choose what you will snack on so the ingredients are on hand. If you are responsible for the snacking of others, post a list on the front of the fridge, which you can then point to when the inevitable “What’s to eat?” question comes your way.