Bored with breakfast? Never want to see another bowl of cornflakes? Take heart, a very little time and a teensy bit of effort can rejuvenate the most fatigued palate.

For those among us who are not morning persons, and almost any effort is too much, consider the possibilities of;

  • a bowl of commercial fruit yoghurt, with or without muesli added
  • hard boil some eggs the night before
  • super thick Greek yoghurt with sliced banana, some walnuts and a serious splash of pure maple syrup ( a personal favourite)
  • try a smoothie with milk, egg, and fruit. The few moments it takes to get out your stick blender will be compensated by the speed with which you can consume it.
  • cooked white rice, cold or warm, add milk, sugar, cinnamon, fruit, or condensed milk
  • left overs. You will be surprised how good some things taste cold. Really.

If you have a little more time (or organization ability), foods to keep you going all morning are;

  • grilled cheese on toast. If you have extras; salami, olives, ham, tomato – all the better.
  • bircher muesli.* A breakfast that sticks by you!
  • baked beans on toast.
  • semolina, ceravite or porridge – particularly delectable served with brown sugar and fresh cream. Also enjoyable is the addition of chopped, dried dates before cooking, which produces a sweet, caramel taste as they soften. Some vanilla added after porridge has thickened doesn’t go astray.
  • fresh, warm, wholemeal scones
  • pancakes
  • bacon and eggs
  • baked apples
  • breakfast muffins
  • custom made muesli

* Bircher Muesli – You can make it as elaborate, or as simple as you like. Premix is available in the supermarket now, but I haven’t bothered. I soak oats in milk over night, but you can use juice if you prefer, add whatever comes to hand;

  • frozen, tinned or fresh fruit
  • toasted or raw, flaked or slithered almonds
  • my personal favourite is roasted hazelnuts with blueberries, peaches, a grated apple, some greek yoghurt and shredded coconut. Mmmm!